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A comprehensive and efficient jetty management service is crucial to ensure that all of your logistics and transport needs are satisfactorily met. We are a fully licensed Indonesian National Port Business Entity (Badan Usaha Pelabuhan - BUP), ensuring everything is in accordance with all applicable regulations. Partnering with the right people that guarantee your projects are handled by specialists goes a long way in upscaling your operational and technical capacities. 

Jetty management scope of services we offer is comprehensive, covering channel monitoring and navigation aids maintenance, operations and maintenance of equipment loading, pilotage and tuggage services at coal and limestone jetty, coal discharging process from vessel to hopper, and jetty and hatch cover cleaning from spillage cargo, among others.



Our jetty management services provide efficient technical and operational management where our expertise ensures everything is in accordance with ISO standards and local port regulations. As a professional logistics company in Indonesia, our work upholds a high standard of security, QHSE, and complies with all international safety regulations and standards. We work to ensure that all of our jetty management processes are straightforward and cost-effective.

Quality management is crucial in providing jetty management services.

We are certified  ISO 9001:2015, 14000:2015, 45000:2015, OHSAS 18001:2015, and SMK3.

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  • Efficient channel monitoring and navigation aids maintenance.

  • Highly systemized operations and maintenance of loading/discharging equipment (ship unloader).

  • Professional pilotage and tuggage at coal & limestone jetty and efficient coal discharging process from vessel to hopper.

  • Comprehensive maintenance for jetty structure and other facilities, including oil boom, pile wrapping, cathodic protection, security patrol boat, as well as efficient cleaning of jetty and hatch cover from spillage cargo.

  • Strict quality management standards of security, compliance to QHSE, and all prevailing international safety standards and regulations

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