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Tera Logistic Coal Transshipment Service


Our coal transshipment service provides a holistic approach to an integrated maritime solution that ensures long-haul trade cost efficiency. We are committed to transparent and efficient coordination amongst all stakeholders: barges, stevedores, floating cranes, mother vessels and ship agents to reduce any idle time and deliver streamlined shipment dispatch. 

Coal transshipment is crucial in the Kalimantan coal transportation supply chain. Performance and efficiency of coal shipment along downstream Barito River on barges and transshipment at anchorage are ensured for cost-efficiency and smooth-running of operations.


As one of the leading companies offering coal transshipment in Indonesia, our decades of experience and expert insights enable us to arrange cost-effective and one-stop solutions for coal transshipment operations with our project logistics, stevedoring, and ship agency services.

Pontianak Port


We are experienced in leading complex projects, and one of our specializations is anchorage coal transshipment. We ensure a safe and efficient procedure of transshipment of goods. Our owned and operated floating cranes are positioned in major coal loading anchorages in Kalimantan, Indonesia, with a loading rate up to 25,000MT/day. Our floating cranes are equipped with metal catchers to ensure cargo quality and vessel safety. 



  • Decades of experience in handling coal transshipment cargo with expert care.

  • Cost-effective operations and quality management of owned floating cranes, thorough planning and careful consideration of available transshipment solutions, prioritizing high standards of safety. 

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